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YouTube Blue APK: Each of you has seen an ad on every YouTube video. Sometimes ads start at the beginning of the video and sometimes ads appear below the video, which can annoy the audience all the time.

If YouTube ads bother you as well, try the YouTube Blue APK. It’s a modeling version of YouTube and it’s very popular in the Android community. Many of YouTube Blue’s features are similar to YouTube’s, but there are plenty of additional features as well.

Almost all of you love watching the YouTube Blue app for all intents and purposes, and you have all made your Blue Phone app the default app on your Android phone. Because it’s a google app and a video viewing and sharing app.

Each of you has seen an ad on every video on the YouTube Blue app. Sometimes the ads start at the beginning of the video and sometimes the ads appear below the video which annoys audiences all the time.

What is YouTube Blue APK?

As you know, some devices won’t play music or videos in the background. But with this app, you can only use the background playback feature. You can also create new, clean surfaces. This will give you a completely different blue design or surface.

This is the main reason the app gave it this name. Dad has a lot of options in the creation part. However, there are more interesting things about the app as it is simpler and works faster. The original is much larger and takes up more space in your phone’s memory.

This is a very lightweight app that you can test on all types of Android phones. Therefore, it is compatible with all Android smartphones and tablets. This is also the latest version that I shared with you. Download and install the APK file on your Android phone from this page.

If you are also worried about YouTube Blue ads, then you can check out the YouTube Blue APK. It’s a model version of YouTube Blue and it’s very popular with the Android community. YouTube Blue has many features similar to YouTube Blue but also has many additional features.

It has a built-in feature of blocking black-themed ads and more. This is an updated version of YouTube Blue. We only install YouTube Blue if we have YouTube Blue with many features.

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How to install YouTube Blue APK on Android?

To start the download, you can download Youtube Blue by clicking the button above. Once downloaded, the APK file can be found on the “Downloads” page of your browser.

Since it can be found all over the internet before you can install it on your phone, you need to make sure that third-party apps are allowed on your device. A confirmation window will appear based on your browser settings.

To make this possible, the following steps are basically the same.

Open Menu, Settings, Security and look for Unknown Sources to allow your phone to install apps from sources other than the Google Play Store, You can go to “Download” in your browser and click once on the downloaded file. Then install it and run it on your phone.

There you have to wait a while for the content to load. Then press the button to run it. This option is available in the security settings of your Android phone.

Key Features of the Features of YouTube Blue APK:

There are many issues with the YouTube Blue app that you may never have heard of. So I share all of these problems with you in this paragraph. If you’re interested and have some time, be sure to go through the following points I shared with you.

  • Video download
  • Full-screen mode
  • repeated videos
  • Background video playback
  • Offline video browsing and viewing
  • Best ad blocker ever
  • Windows-style user interface

Adblocker: It has a built-in flash function and lets the user not be bothered by pop-up advertisements while watching videos.

Reproduction: You can play any video in the background while looking for content outside of YouTube. This function is also available in the YouTube premium version.

Zoom In: The YouTube Blue app also has a zoom in and zoom out function. By showing and hiding the screen, you can zoom in and out of the screen.

HDR mode: This YouTube version also has a high dynamic range of video quality.

Download the video: You can download the video to watch later. The downloaded video will later be available in offline airplane mode.

However, after 2-3 days, keep in mind that the downloaded video will need to be synced again and this will require a proper internet connection.

Oath: You can choose the resolution value. You can choose the lowest or highest resolution. It is up to you to decide which resolution to choose.

Theme: Everyone wants to change the theme color of every social media platform they use. This resource does not have an official YouTube. However, YouTube offers the option to switch between different topics.

Video Repeat: You have the choice to play the video. If you want to play a specific video that plays frequently, you can select it in the settings.

Recommendation: This will only suggest the videos you selected. Like all YouTube, official or modified, it works with an algorithm. Therefore, it will only suggest videos that are of interest to you.

However, if you want to play the entire playlist, you can do so by changing the settings in the YouTube settings.

Windows-style: Window style means that you reduce the screen size while browsing other videos. If you’re looking for another video but don’t want to close recently played videos, you can choose a window style.

Watch later: If you want to watch a video but are in a hurry, you can add it to the Watch Later list. Videos that you added to the Watch Later list are only available in online mode

YouTube Blue app Updated Version 2021

Here in this article, I shared the latest version of the app for 2021. As a result, some important changes have been made to the application. Some bugs and bugs have been completely fixed. It is fully functional now and you will be brand new.

FAQ’S (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: What is the difference between YouTube and YouTube Blue?

YouTube is the official website and is owned by Google, while YouTube Blue is the modified version of YouTube and also has an ad blocker function.

Q: What is the difference between YouTube Blue and YouTube Vanced?

Both are the same apps. The term YouTube Vanced is also used for YouTube Blue.

Q: Is YouTube Blue available on the Google Play Store?

Since it is a modified version that is not available on the Google Play Store, you can download it directly from our website by clicking the link.


This review should have answered all of your questions about the YouTube Blue app. Download and enjoy this amazing app for Android and PC now. If you like the YouTube Blue app, share it with your friends and family.

Haven’t had fun and enough fun with YouTube Blue Apk 2021?

So maybe it is time to start following other apps on the web that specialize in creating content that is a little monotonous but looks and feels like everyone else.

Of course, you can find all YouTube resources on YouTube Blue Apk. Additionally, the built-in ad-blocking features made YouTube official in the past. What’s more, it’s a very lightweight app and won’t leave your Android device behind.

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