Wrestling Revolution 3D Free Download Latest Version {2022}

Wrestling Revolution 3D (Mode, Unlock) – 3D arcade fighting game inspired from classic arcades. The majority of the time, the gameplay is visually appealing. Console control enables complete expression in combat, while a variety of nests, blocks, and movements enable the development of intricate and surprise combinations. The game’s visuals are excellent, and fit the playing field nicely. The boat was transformed via 3DAP method. The boat was transformed via 3DAP method.

Wrestling Revolution 3DAP Mode, sometimes referred to as WR3D2K 20AP Mode, is an Android-based action game. Where you may begin your journey toward the pinnacle of wrestling. It’s a rewarding sport that teaches you all you need to know about wrestling and the life of a wrestler. Simply create your own character and enhance your wrestling experience by utilising a number of unique customization features. If you desire an upgrade, download Wr3d 2k21 Mod.

wrestling revolution 3d mod apk

You may compete in a variety of events in this game. If you’re new to wrestling, begin with minor bouts and work your way up to major tournaments. He possesses an extraordinary and endearing demeanour that will make you really pleased.

Unlock the 3D mode for Wrestling Revolution – Now you may play your favorite game whenever you want! Have you ever desired a career in pro wrestling? Then download and install this game to begin constructing your career. Enter the ring by selecting your combatant. Keep an eye on your adversary, avoid devious assaults, and never pass up an opportunity to retaliate. Additionally, you may always practice in raucous sessions, mend your nests, and confidently lead your troop into the ring.

Download Wrestling Revolution 3D APK

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System Requirement for WR3D2K21 APK Mode

RAM Minimum 1 GB
Version Required 4.4 or greater
Free Disk 500 MB

Features of wwe wrestling revolution 3d mod apk

wrestling revolution 3d mod apk|download

For the first time, Android players can enjoy this amazing and addictive wrestling game on their phones. You will have access to all the special features of a wrestling career, in and out of the ring.

Create your own characters, hone your skills, enter competitions, make deals with top managers, and take part in popular wrestling events.

To become a wrestler, you can do anything from negotiating contracts to rigorous fighting schedules.

Controls that are simple and straightforward

The game’s touch controls are relatively simple, allowing players to rapidly learn the gameplay and battles. Additionally, you will have access to simple lessons that will teach you how to effectively combat the wrestling revolution in 3D.

Visual and sound quality

The game introduces gamers to simple 3D visuals that make it compatible with the majority of existing Android smartphones. That is not to say, however, that the game looks poor in any way. Indeed, the game’s distinct animation system enables it to showcase seamless skill combination. As a result, more gratifying bouts are possible, especially with your chain wrestling moves.

Additionally, you can enjoy the game from a variety of camera angles, which can be adjusted to suit your personal preferences. And, perhaps most crucially, the resizable graphics enable you to enjoy the game’s seamless and engaging action across a variety of Android devices.

Along with its captivating visuals, Wrestling Revolution 3D provides gamers to rich auditory experiences. Having said that, you may find yourself fighting in front of thousands of screaming spectators in an immense ring. What could possibly be more enthralling than that?

Consider competing against hundreds of wrestlers 

In Wrestling Revolution 3D, players will face real challenges as they work their way up the ranks to become a famous professional wrestler. As a result, you’ll have to deal with over 300 different characters dispersed among the game’s many promotions.

Take each promotion and compare it to the one before it, which is more difficult. Every time you step into the ring, you’ll be met with difficult difficulties.

Character Customization

To begin, the game provides players with interactive character customisation, allowing them to quickly build unique characters using the available options. Feel free to let your creativity run wild and keep your wrestler in the game.

At the top, the more you dig into the game, the more interesting elements you’ll discover. Customize your inner music and dress your wrestler in a variety of costumes.


BASIC CONTROLS of wwe wrestling revolution 3d mod apk

CURSORS = Movement (double-tap to dash)

A = Attack (with a direction to aim high, without to aim low)

G = Grapple

R = Run

P = Pick-Up / Drop (with a direction to throw)

T = Taunt / Pin / Referee duties

EYE = Change focus / Turn opponent around

HEALTH METER = Switch character

CLOCK = Pause / Change camera angle

The game contains 10 all sorts of modes, giving the opportunity to battle in an iron cage, ten to ten, the battle to knockout, the usual training battles and fights with all sorts of improvised means that are near you. All things and objects that were near you in the ring, it is allowed to take in hand and begin to thresh their enemy.

Wrestling Revolution 3D APK File Information

Genre Sport/ Wrestling
Android Version 4.0 or greater
SIze Required 35.8MB
MOD Unlocked Professional Version

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