Download Pixel Combat 2: Zombies Strick MOD APK(Unlimited Money)

 Pixel Combat 2 is a fast-paced action game with building aspects that offers a unique and colorful experience. The game’s vivid 3D block graphics make it more enjoyable and accessible to gamers of all ages. Aside from that, the weapon and building systems allow players to be creative and adapt to various situations. Pixel Combats 2 presents a new concept that will provide gamers with hours of fun and entertainment with their friends.

Pixel Combats 2 is a basic and accessible first-person shooter that uses 3D block graphics to appeal to a wider audience. It has a highly optimized control system that allows players to move and interact with their environment more fluidly.

The main feature is a familiar blocky environment where players can build, dismantle, and create stuff. New weapon systems, game kinds, clothing, and companions will allow players to enjoy the game to a new level.


How to Play Pixel Combat 2 Chrome Extension?

You can play this game by downloading an extension from Chrome Browser

Step1 Download Extension

Step 2 Start Game and Enjoy

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Download Pixel Combat 2 V 4.0.2 (MOD, Bullets/Weapons)

Download Pixel Combats 2

Pixel Combat zombie Strick MOD APK Version 4.0.2

Pixel Combat 2: Zombies Strike is a new action game for Android created by GS Games Studio and published by Google Play.

The game is unique. You’ll be able to take on a variety of pixel zombies thanks to the utilization of barrier doors, secrets, and an extensive arsenal of weapons. You’ll be able to develop your own base from which to construct and survive a time machine.

It will not be easy to navigate the 3D worlds. Make it a cheesy success Bear in mind that each level contains secret destinations. It will not be simple, but the benefits will ultimately make you a better fighter!

Story of Pixel Combat 2 MOD APK

“Pixel Combat 2: Zombies Strike” offers a straightforward storyline. When you initially start the game, an instructor will walk you through each step, which is completely clear.

The story begins with a zombie horde attacking the world, virtually everyone being bitten and turning into a zombie. You are the next great hero. The goal is simple yet difficult: kill zombies, collect parts for the time machine, and save humanity.

 Feature of This Game

 Maps AND Marks

The maps in “Pixel Combat: Zombies Strike” are very realistic. Some examples are the clinic, market, salon, and others. Maps can be accessed using combat money, the more expensive the map, the more deadly.


While playing, players will observe a variety of zombies. They all have unique costumes and specialties. The list goes on and on. Some zombies are harder to kill than others. If there are too many zombies in one round, put planks on the door. The shop sells and upgrades planks.


Weapon in Pixel Combat Strike of Zombies

Weapons are the sole way to kill zombies in “Pixel Combat: Zombies Strike”. Expensive weapons are more effective and stronger. Examples of weapons are Scar-L, SIG SG 550, and AK-47. A shotgun is a formidable weapon but only effective close-up, while grenades may kill a big number of zombies. Weapons may be upgraded in the gun shop’s upgrade store.

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