OG WhatsApp APK

OG WhatsApp APK is the modified version of WhatsApp which offers some extra features that are not present in its original application and makes using it the best, most reliable, and more secure experience. You can say that it is reliable, free for you, and has advanced security and privacy features.

OG Whatsapp APK also allows users control over what information they share about themselves as profile pictures shared, statuses posted (or deleted), as well as contact lists when chatting one-on-one without having others peering into these private chats at any time.

This third-party app has advanced security and privacy measures to protect your account from those irritating hackers who try to compromise it with phishing or keylogging methods while you’re offline on their end.

In OGWhatsApp, you can block people from whom you don’t want to see their statuses and profile pictures. You can also restrict your chatting with that person if it becomes necessary.

In OG WhatsApp all messages are end-to-end encrypted so no one will be able to read them without permission of the sender or receiver; this means a lot for those who need privacy on messaging apps.

Exciting Feature of OG WhatsApp APK

With the new OG WhatsApp APK Status-Download Feature, you will be given an option to download your friends’ status messages on rooted devices.

You can also block a specific contact and restrict conversations with them in this app! Some of these features include no ads when using the app.

message scheduling feature which lets you send prewritten text messages at any time that suits your schedule without having to type each sentence out twice or more times;

ability to call someone even if they’re not on their contact list (you’ll just need WhatsApp’s phone number); lastly being able to change group name up until 35 characters long so it is easier for us all to remember our groups better.

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New Feature of OG WhatsApp APK

Message Scheduling

OG WhatsApp APK takes the hassle out of sending messages to your loved ones. With a prebuilt message scheduler, you can always be sure that birthday wishes and other important reminders are sent on time!

In this mobile app, you can schedule in advance when your messages will be sent. You just have to set a date and time for it to happen! This is so great for those with busy schedules who want to be able to message family and loved ones at a specific time.

 Block The Contact

You can block contact with specific people on your phone, so you won’t be bothered by them anymore. You’ll still see their profile pictures and statuses, but they won’t have any ability to chat or message you back.

If someone is bothering you or sending inappropriate messages to your inbox, go into Account Settings -> Blocked Users and select them to either “block” or “restrict conversation”.

No Ads in OG WhatsApp APK

There are no ads popping up when you open OG WhatsApp, which makes it more user-friendly and secure as well. It is easy to download since there isn’t any phone number verification needed before using this app.

Additionally, users don’t have to worry about pesky popups ruining their experience because there are NO ADS!!

Built-in calls and video calling

OG WhatsApp APK has very exciting new features: built-in calls and video calling. Chat windows now include a “Call” button next to every contact, so you can call them right from your chat window with just one click.

You don’t have to leave the app anymore like before – all of this is happening in real-time as well as working on WiFi or cellular data.

Pressing the “Video Call” button will take you straight into their camera feed for an instant face-to-face conversation, no awkward waiting necessary while they prepare themselves; it’s perfect whether you’re making plans together or need help navigating toward something specific

Set Group names of more than 35 character

One of our favorite features in Official Whatsapp is being able to chat with friends and family. The best part about it? You can set the group name to more than 35 characters!

Downloads Status

You can download the status of any person by using OGWhatsAPP.

How To Install OG WhatsApp APK On Your Mobile Phone

To install the newest Whatsapp mod, first, uninstall your original app. If you want to keep any of your saved messages (which we recommend), make sure to follow these instructions:

Step 1You can download the app from your Android device. To do this you will need to authorize the installation of apps that aren’t on the Google Store.

Step 2 before proceeding to the installation, go to your original app Output: before installing our modified application, be sure to back up your conversations in the traditional way.

Step 3: go to your phone’s file manager and change the folder named WhatsApp, to a new name OGWHATSAPP

Step 4: Now you can delete WhatsApp and install OG WhatsApp modified version.

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