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Are you looking for an alternative to WhatsApp? FM WhatsApp APK is your solution! It has a lot of great features that make it more convenient than the original app, like group chats and caller ID. Give it a try today by downloading FM WhatsApp APK free from our website.

This modified version of WhatsApp is a lot cooler than the original. You can have more personalization with this one, and it’s so much prettier because you get to decide what color scheme you want!

Want a visual, customized experience on your phone? Try the modified version of the original  WhatsApp that is FMWhatsApp! With more features and the freedom to personalize its appearance however you want, this app will satisfy any user.

 In FM WhatsApp Customization- change everything from the layout color to what information appears in chat bubbles

Instant updates – get notifications as soon as they happen with no need for polling or refreshing like old versions used to do it.

Privacy Lock – protect your conversations by locking them up so only those who are invited can unlock them.


Have you ever wished that the original WhatsApp had more features? Wish no longer because now there is a modified version of it available. With this App, users have the freedom to customize their experience as they like; for example, if one doesn’t want green text on a white background anymore, then he or she can change it in order to suit his/her preference better. This flexibility will result in your aesthetic satisfaction and keep things looking fresh!

What is FMWhatsApp?

FM WhatsApp is one of the best WhatsApp mods in terms of features. This mod offers tons more functionality than many other WhatsApp APKs and as such, it has become a favorite for people looking to customize their experience on this instant messaging app.

Feature of FMWhatsApp APK

Here are some quick details about FMWhatsapp so that you can understand how to make use of its powerful tools:

  • Highly Customizable FMWA APK

With the release of FM WhatsApp APK, now you can customize your app however you want. There are tons of customization features available in the latest version and many themes come pre-installed with it to make sure that all users have a great time when using their favorite chat application.

Additionally, there is an option for downloading third-party FM WhatsApp Android themes from websites or uploading one directly on this app so as to get rid of boredom by changing colors every day!

Apart from customizing emojis according to desire, if someone has any other third-party emojis installed then they also configure them accordingly which makes life easier than ever before. you can also download new themes from third-party websites or create your own with the emojis available in this app.

  • Send Large Files using FMWA APK App

FMWhatsApp is the best way to send more than 10 media files at one time. It’s also capable of sending videos up to 100MB in size! This app works with your official WhatsApp, so nothing gets stored on FMWhatsApp servers for privacy reasons and you can share documents up to 100 MB at a time without any worry.

The official Whatsapp’s current limitation is 30 MB in size per file, which means it’s not possible to share some larger documents or large pictures. With FMWhatsApp – since they work off the original source code- nothing ever gets stored on their servers so there’s no chance of any breach in privacy whatsoever if you’re sending sensitive data over those lines.

  •  Some Advance Features

Millions of people use the WhatsApp app to have conversations with their friends, co-workers, and family. But many users are looking for a more customizable experience on how they chat so that’s why FMWhatsApp APK is better than its predecessor! With this update, you can upload your chats from either local storage or cloud backup.

Plus there are even MORE settings available in FMWhatsApp APK like being able to customize notification sounds and change font size that aren’t available in other apps (like Facebook Messenger)

Fancy features aside what really makes it stand out is having complete control over everything about your chatting experience – especially when compared to official WhatsApp where only some options are accessible but not all.

  • Light Weight Version of FM WhatsApp Apk.

Developer Koushik Dutta has created a third-party app that is very similar to the official WhatsApp app. All of the options are easily visible and it looks exactly like what you’re used to seeing on your phone, so even if you don’t have it installed yet this will give you an idea of how easy using FMWhatsApp can be!

whatsapp-gold-apk|whatsapp-gold-mod |
whatsapp-gold |

You’ll always know where all of your settings are because they’ll be right there when clicking them from their navigation bar at the top left corner. And the best part about everything? Resetting or undoing any changes made while playing with these great features is as simple as hitting one button located below “FM WhatsApp APK”.

How to Install this FM WA Apk

Installing FMWhatsApp is not difficult. You can do it all by yourself if you have installed an APK file before on your Android devices, and just follow the steps below to get that done without any assistance!

This is the best way to download and install FMWhatsApp on your Android device.

Step-1 First, open up any web browser on your phone like Safari or Chrome. Next, go to the above link  or click here for downloading the latest version of FM WhatsApp APK file from this

Step-2 Now tap the “Download” button given at the bottom right corner of the screen which will show an icon.

Step-3 Simply open Android settings and navigate straight to security options where there will be an option named “Install Apps From Unknown Sources”. You just need one click without any assistance, for everything is done automatically after a successful installation process.

Is FM WhatsApp APK Available for PC

The only way to get FMWhatsApp on PC is to use an Android emulator such as Bluestacks or Nox App Player in cooperation with the FM WhatsApp APK. The procedure for installing the APK file stays the same as described previously, however, if you want a simpler way, that is perfectly OK!

Simply install your preferred emulator on your PC or laptop (Bluestacks is a famous example) and browse their library until you find something that matches your search criteria.

For me, I discovered an app called “Android 7” that contains all of the functionality I require – and it also looks just as great! Additionally, you can explore additional similar applications in order, as once installed on this platform, they become available.

FM WhatsApp download(APK)

you can download FM WhatsApp apk latest version from here


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