ES File Explorer Pro APK

ES File Explorer Pro APK is a great file explorer. It lets you access files and folders on your device and on microSD, cloud services, and various network storage. You can also put in FTP servers, WebDAV, and SAMBA/CIFS servers. It also has a built-in media player, archive manager, and image and document viewer.

One of the most popular file manager apps, ES File Explorer Pro APK, has been updated with a load of new features and improved performance. This APK is available for free from our website.

The ES File Explorer is a file manager allowing you to manage your files and also explore your Android device. This is a must-have download for any Android device.

ES File Explorer / Manager PRO: storage of multifunctional archives with support for all and archive formats. With this program, you can copy data stored in .zip and .rar and work.

There are a number of file managers in every Android market, but you can not find a powerful interface with a good file manager. The main user interface of administrador de Archivos still lives in the era of Android 2.3, the ugly and deformed iconic interface, the interactive anxiety.

If your phone has an archive administrator, we recommend that you use it. However, the original Android system (Nexus device system) does not have an archive administrator. At this point, it is recommended that the application icon and interface better represent ES File Explorer / Manager Pro.

Yes, the functionality of the software is very simple, just view, delete, create, delete, zip, and unzip some simple files and folders. It can also manage network disks and support FTP file sharing.

Learn more about basic document management and usage. If the need is not too great, it is a good idea to create a backup. But to avoid system errors.

ES File Explorer/Manager Pro APK features:

If you are wondering why you need to download this app when the default file manager works properly, check out some of the useful features of ES File Explorer Pro APK:

1. Customize the user interface

You may be tired of the existing interface of the administrator application and want to change it, but you can not. ES File Explorer Pro APK allows you to completely customize the interface to your needs.

The app allows users to customize any part of the app instead of selecting a blurred interface. You can do this by going to this topic and selecting the pen icon in the upper left corner of the screen to access the edited topic.

There are many options for users to choose from, such as setting the background color, setting the background, setting the text color, and folder style, … If you want to return to the default theme when editing a theme, you must select the ‘switch’. You must select the icon and then OK.

2. Recover deleted files

Of course, a change will delete the image, video, or file that is important and it is important to use the device. Outdated file recovery features are generally not available on most Android devices. But with the help of ES File Explorer / Manager Pro, you can easily have it on a PC.

To make sure this feature is on, go to the tool and activate the Recycle Bin. This feature saves all deleted files so you can recover them at any time.

3. Built-in compression and resolution

The app allows users to overcome the most popular file compression formats such as ZIP, RAR, or 7Z. In addition, the app offers users the ability to reduce storage capacity or simply compress zip or 7z files to stream them.

To compress one or more archives, save any archive. Then select all the files you want to compress. Select “Compress” in the menu of puntos de Sospecha, where you can select a compressed file format and set a contraseña for your compressed files.

This feature is very useful if you regularly install Android games from an OBB file.

4. Easily share files from your PC or other mobile devices

ES File Explorer Pro APK supports OBX FTP, which allows users to share files and posters quickly and easily via Bluetooth.

To do this, you must first activate the Bluetooth connection on the two devices you are using to transfer files. Select Network-> Bluetooth.  You can select the device you want to connect to. At this point, you can send the file to qing and paste it into the Bluetooth folder.

5. Surf the web

Of course, you can not imagine surfing the Internet directly in the application manager. However, this is possible via ES File Explorer Pro APK. In addition to popular sites like Google, the Facebook application is included by default. You can also add your favorite sites via links.

It may sound good to you, but it’s easy to surf the internet with ES File Explorer / Manager Pro. With a capacity of 6.6 MB, this app is compatible with most current mobile devices, including low-memory and low-end devices. In any case, the ES File Explorer Pro APK version will also replace the device’s default browser.

ES File Explorer Pro APK Mod Features:

Manage your files as efficiently as you would a PC

You have all the available options, such as managing your files on your PC. Each file type is displayed with a few thumbnails. This makes it easier to browse certain files if needed. In addition, ES File Explorer Pro APK keeps stand compares que inluyen cut, copy, paste, move, create, delete, and more.

Install the Manage application on your devices

In addition to the standard functionality, ES File Explorer Pro APK allows users to conveniently manage the applications installed on their devices.

You can uninstall the program if it is pointless to increase the archiving capacity and eliminate the use of RAM. Or look for the APK files on your system that are not installed.

Order the application in groups, create a copy of the security or a link, and many other useful options.

Remote management options

Those who love the convenience of the remote control will love the app. In addition to direct control over your devices, you can manage files from your ES Explorer such as PC, M, C, Tablet, and the like.

Therefore, I can present easily synchronized across different platforms, which enables a faster workflow.

Compress, extract and encrypt archives

Another feature required by all File Explorer programs is the ability to compress and compress files. However, you will rarely see them in most Android File Explorer apps.

ES File Explorer Pro, part by part, not only provides easy compressed extraction but also allows users to encrypt their files using AES 256-bit technology. This ensures that your files are protected from display against your will.

View photos, built-in music, video players, and more

Although we already have our own app for viewing photos, music/video players, and options available on our devices, it’s difficult to open this file when browsing any file browser on devices with few files.

For this reason, it is important to distribute an integrated image viewer or music text/video with the file explorer’s hardware. Because it is a great app, ES File Explorer Pro APK lets its users open their media files in the app with built-in plug-ins. Therefore, your device works faster and easier.

Easily edit text files

Like Windows Notepad, ES File Explorer Manager Pro allows users to view any file as text. This allows you to create your own algorithms and make simple changes to certain files. You can also use ES to write your own notes and reminders.

Transfer files for free between Bluetooth-enabled devices

It is very convenient to enable Bluetooth between devices. You can take advantage of the technology and connect different devices to many devices.

ES File Explorer Pro APK allows users to share files between their devices using Bluetooth file transfer capabilities. Therefore, files and data can be easily transferred without the need for physical attachments.

Clear the memory and finish unnecessary tasks with just one touch

Your devices are highly dependent on the ability of your hardware to function properly. And with so many unnecessary apps on the field, the device runs very slowly.

But ES File Explorer allows users to find RAM-consuming applications and delete them instantly at the touch of a button. So that the most powerful hardware works correctly for other applications.

Delete unnecessary files

Having junk files on your system is always annoying, but it should stay with you if you are not using ad-free apps or have a rooted system. Even if you do not, ES Explorer can help you remove unnecessary junk files from your system.

The app allows you to scan your system completely for unnecessary files and delete them in a few seconds. This gives you more space to install more useful apps.

Enable Root Explorer for native users

For root users who have gained full control of their system and want to use it, ES File Explorer Manager Pro also offers the Root Explorer option.

This allows users to access their personal folders and manage system files without interruption. However, make sure you know what you are doing if you do not really want to do bad things.

Download ES File Explorer Pro Apk for Android

Download ES File Explorer/Manager Pro for free. It is one of the best archive managers for the Android operating system. However, not all free resources are provided to members. You have to complete the amazing functionality with Es File Explorer Premium Apk.

But no one likes to spend money on these things. Also, if you can only get this app for free, why spend it? Dilemma? Hi, I would like to say that many websites have shared free and paid apps.

Well, most of these sites do not update their app to the latest version. That’s why we decided to make the ES File Explorer Pro app available for free to all our readers.

As everyone knows, ES File Explorer Premium APK is a very old application for Android. It works as it is estándar del administrador de archivos. The archive administrator is an application for intelligent Android phones that is more important.

You can copy and copy files, move files and images, copy, move and edit them and much more in one app. Every Android smartphone comes with a pre-installed file manager app, but you can not customize files and post them the way you want.

This is why most Android users find the best file management app on Google. Do not worry if you are also one of them. To download the APK for ES File Explorer Pro for free, you can use the direct link, which is shared in the next section.

ES File Manager Pro APK is one of the best file management applications and the most popular files for Android. It can handle all types of files and folders such as text, zip, pdf, jpeg, etc.

With this app, you can handle all types of files. The ES File Manager Pro app also offers many smiling features. It supports many features like video functionality, imaging, HTML, and more.

So do not waste too much time looking for the APK file for Administrador de Archivos de Android. Just one click in the collection to download and access the features of the ES File Explorer v1.1.4 application.

To ensure the quality and environment of the File Manager application/game, everyone will always recommend the user to download the latest version of ES File Explorer / Manager PRO Apk. You can download it directly from the Google Play Store.

But this only gives you the original version. You do not have to worry about the modified version and who has problems accessing the Google Play Store or who can not download the app for any other reason. We are here to solve all your problems.

Many websites claim that they provide the latest updates of ES File Explorer / Manager PRO Apk, but none of them really prove their point.

However, the sites provide old links to earlier versions that are not useful. For people who for some reason can not download ES File Explorer/Manager PRO Apk from Google Play Store, do not worry!

The link we provide provides access to an updated version of the game so that the user can unlock all levels and modes. All you need to do is go through the installation process to get the latest version of ES File Explorer / Manager PRO Apk.


Functions of the App:

The app provides a complete file management solution. You can use Explorador de archivos ES to keep carpeta de archivos or archivos transferidos safe and organized in your memory. Plus, you can access your files and folders in seconds.

In addition, the app also includes many different features to manage your files efficiently and successfully. Which we will present in the next articles.

Drawbacks of the ES File Explorer Pro APK:

Ads can be annoying if you use the free version

This is the only problem we encountered when using the app. You may think the same as some ads can do, but they can be quite annoying as they make it extremely difficult to navigate the screen. You can accidentally touch an app and slow down its work process.

Every time you perform a billing function, such as extracting files, you see 15-minute ads. It’s so frustrating if you’re in a hurry. But if you use our version of ES explorer, none of it matters.

Download ES File Explorer Manager MOD Latest APK Android

With smiling features and an intuitive user interface, the app is without a doubt one of the best file explorers on Android devices. With capable hardware, you can feel how powerful and convenient the app is. However, you will never regret installing it on your Android systems.

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