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ePSXe Apk is a great emulator! The games also work great with on-screen controls. ePSXe for Android is a Playstation (PSX and PSOne) emulator. It is designed for smartphones and tablets (for 1-4 players) and includes a fun 2-player option with split screen mode. Includes virtual touchscreen support, hardware button mapping (Xperia Play, phones with keyboard or gamepad, external Bluetooth or USB gaming tablets like WiiMote, Sixaxis, Xbox 360, Moga, Ipega) and analog sticks.
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ePSXe APK – (Enhanced PSX Emulator) is a PlayStation video game console emulator for x86-based PC hardware running Microsoft Windows or Linux, as well as devices with Android. NOTE: At present, this package is still in its early stages and the most notable known issue is that audio can only work on the primary audio device on your computer.

ePSXe can run most PlayStation games with some accuracy. Few games work flawlessly without extensive installations and test and test errors. In the event that a game does not work properly, you can use patches written for the game in question, although few games have patches available.

ePSXe APK Download For Android 2

It is a Playstation emulator, included between two game modes, PSX and PSOne. The software was created to meet the gaming needs of many players on mobile and tablet. The software offers an extremely high compatibility mode, which makes your game on these devices smoother and more stable. Thanks to this convenience, since its release, the app has always received warm support from many players. Also, check out this app: HAGO APK

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More About ePSXe Apk

ePSXe, a classic at the time, became the best option for emulating PlayStation on Android and PC. It’s one of the few original projects that doesn’t rely on third-party open source, so it makes sense that it’s easily accessible via Google Play. The ePSXe APK allows players to play games they have previously played on PlayStation One and PlayStation X, on their Android phones.

Get the ePSXe APK for free to enjoy ePSXe games on your Android phones and tablets. now. You can also get ePSXe games for your Windows and Linux computer.

ePSXe APK Download For Android 3

ePSXe APK for Android is a PlayStation (PSX and PSOne) emulator. It’s very easy to set up and use, so you’ll be able to play your PSX games on your Android device in no time. It is a port of the famous ePSXe for PC. It offers very high compatibility, high speed and accurate sound. ePSXe 2020 is designed for Android tablets and smartphones for 1-4 players.

What does it do?

As you may have guessed, the app will allow Android users to emulate any PS1 title on their Android devices as you can provide enough hardware features for specific games. So you can enjoy your childhood PS1 games like FF VII, FF VIII, FF IX, Crash Team Racing, Resident Evil 2 and others.

Feel free to download the game files to your devices and activate your emulator app to start enjoying the amazing game. And if you want a full console-like experience, you can also connect the devices to their external controls and start discovering the big game.

Stunning Features of ePSXe Apk

It contains the following main features:

  • Virtual touchscreen support
  • Hardware button mapping (phones with keyboard or gamepad, external Bluetooth, Xperia Play, and USB gamepads such as WiiMote, Xbox 360, Sixaxis, Ipega and Moga)
    analog sticks
  • Supports advanced OpenGL HD graphics via the Peopsxgl plug-in
  • It also contains cheat codes, flashcards and support for saving states with the PC version.
  • Integrated support for ARM and Intel Atom X86.9
  • ePSXe for Android is an arcade game for Android. Among the unique features mentioned above, the ePSXe also includes a two-player mode on the same device that uses two touch controls simultaneously on the screen. In addition, it allows the connection and detection of almost all physical controls.

ePSXe for Android was previously considered a popular ePSXe port for PC gaming. Now, however, there is a version for smartphones and tablets after so many upheavals. With this software, you don’t have to worry about the game taking up a lot of space, which leads to poor game performance and erratic game play. With this software, you can conquer all games in a compact smart device.

ePSXe APK Download For Android 4

The software is designed to respond with good processing speed and offers up to 4 players simultaneously via split screen. Also, if you are playing on PC, you have to control with keyboard or mouse click and, in this software, you can take full advantage of the virtual touch screen keyboard, hardware map buttons or virtual sticks. It will help you hear the truth while playing without taking too many actions.

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Why is ePSXe APK Emulator the best for PlayStation Games?

The announcement of the new Sony PlayStation Classic surprised many users (and not). There is an entire generation of gamers who have entered the world of video games thanks to their PSX, which has been around for 12 years.

The truth is that current technology, like Android devices, is more than capable of emulating console games. As we have already done with Mega Drive and Super Nintendo, it’s time to talk about one of the best PlayStation emulators for Android.

ePSXe 2.0.15 APK is the best and latest emulator for your Android tablet and smartphone to run games efficiently.

Benefits of using the ePSXe emulator?

  1. The leaked FXAA with the new video rendering is available in ePSXe 2.0.15 APK
  2. More accurate and perfect graphics with good sound quality.
  3. Double shock vibrations are also included in this best android emulator
  4. You can block games in the latest ePSXe APK Download version while playing
  5. Open the menu of this PlayStation Android application.
  6. The ePSXe APK is 11 MB in size.
  7. Easily available for download and installation on Android OS 2.3 or later.

Download play station games for ePSXe?

You can download, play and enjoy the following PlayStation games on your Android smartphone with ePSXe:

  • Tekken 3
  • Shock
  • Driver 2
  • Deadly kombat 4
  • Revdl games
  • Streets of Rage 2 and more

First, you need to configure the program and download a BIOS file to do it. You can find the BIOS file by searching for scph7502.bin or scph1001.bin in any search engine.

Then you need to find the right link to download the ePSXe file. After downloading the uptodown epsxe apk file, you just have to wait for it to be installed.

So start playing and enjoying your classic PSX games on your phone in HD.

What’s the design?

  • Simple interface and usage

If you are looking for an emulator that works quickly and easily, this will be an option you should try. ePSXe for Android also has a simple interface that is easy to use even without a BIOS file. It works the same way as a plug-in on the computer interface. You can play many different game genres such as simulation games, role playing games, action games in low to extremely high settings without losing quality and performance.

  • Supported MULTI-DISC Games with different menu customzation

The software is also used for multi-disc games. When you install a game included with the software, the software may automatically display the number of discs included. Thus, players can quickly change or adjust the number of discs in the menu. Not only that, the menu also offers many different options in terms of screen size, image quality, game mode and more, so that players can make changes to the game.

  • Video and Image frequency difference

ePSXe for Android also provides video size and aspect ratio. The software has three main modes, including scene mode, portrait mode and screen mode. Each mode supports separate effects so that players look varied in each game.When playing in landscape mode, the image is expanded to full screen. If the image quality is poor, select a 4: 3 aspect ratio, they are not set automatically and you have to do it manually.

  • Touch Screens interface

In addition, the software also provides touch support on the screen interface, including two control modes, analog and digital. Each action of the characters’ actions is controlled by touch buttons or handles during the game. Plus, you can resize the buttons at any time or even change the interface between the two modes at any time to suit your needs and preferences during the process – play the show.

  • Advanced HD Graphic Quality

The software also offers maximum image support by providing enhanced HD graphics quality. Provide players with the best and most beautiful images possible. Additionally, with 2x / 4x software rendering and OpenGL renderers, software compatibility with smart mobile devices and tablets is combined. At the same time, it also makes the game performance smoother and teamless.

  • Fantastic sound effects with multiple customization modes

With this software, you can also enjoy the highest quality and accuracy of sound with support for all PSX sound effects. Furthermore, users can customize the sound to their liking in many aspects, such as speed of sound, intensity, frequency. The software also allows players to manage the audio delay with the many customizations that come with it. Many other special sound effects that players can fully adjust.

ePSXe for Android offers users a very professional gaming environment. It is completely on par with specialized portable gaming devices. It has a simple interface, advanced features, excellent image quality, sound and much more. This will be the perfect place for nostalgic gamers.


How to Download and Install the ePSXe App on Android?

Our website ensures its users to protect against any malicious viruses and trojans. it is a hub of apps/games that can be and cannot be found on google play or paid services. only download your favorite stuff from our website. below are given a few steps that can be helpful to download and install:

  1. Click the Download Button below to start downloading “ePSXe Apk”.  After the download is complete, find your ”APK file” in the downloads folder of your device.
  2. Before installing the app, make sure to allow third-party apps on Android Device. for this purpose, Go to Menu> Settings> Security> and enable Unknown Sources. this will allow your phone to install apps of sources that are downloaded from other third parties rather than the google play store.
  3. Now go to the “Downloads” Section in your browser and click/tap the APK file you have downloaded a few moments earlier.
  4. Give the permissions to the appearing request and proceed with further installation steps.
  5. that’s it.

Congrats: you have been installed your desired “ePSXe Apk” on your Android Smartphone/Tablet. you’re now free to use and enjoy this app. it has amazing features to play with.

Note: Feel free to contact us regarding any problem while the installation process.

Is It Safe To Install APK?

If the ePSXe Apk is present on Google PlayStore, the file is safe and legal. in other words, google play is counted as a vote of confidence.

However, Our all apps files are separately downloaded from the Google Play Store and tested one by one for viruses, malware, or malicious content on different devices.so, we are in full confidence about having no critical issue or direct problem in this provided file.

Moreover, we published hundreds and thousands of apps on our website CATEGORY Apps, Tools, which is updated with new available versions every day. besides this, we are adding many new apps. if you are an enthusiast and desperate android user try out Gogoanime APK, Endurance APK, HAGO APK, Tubemate Apk, Applob Com APK, MyGrower APK, EvoCreo Apk, DoramasFlix Apk, Tricky Guy APK.

The pros and cons of this app are given below:


  • The application is safe and secure.
  • You can easily install and use the app.
  • Third-party ads are not available.
  • It is free to download and use.
  • There is no need to sign up for the app


  • They will not automatically update.
  • Google does not always verify them.
  • There is little innovation in the design
  • It is not suitable for slow internet

WHAT’S new in ePSXe Apk

  • All Bugs are Fixed.
  • New Features are Recently updated.
  • Virus and malware scanned/tested for all kinds of devices.
  • Latest and Old Versions are Provided.


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