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Recently Mepco has launched their new project as Check Mepco Bill Online It is the best way to save time and energy for that person who has electricity bills under multan electric power company

Mainly those electrical consumers who have problems in collecting their Bills through post or those who do not receive bills on time because of any reason, they can use this service and save time and money too.

Mepco Bill Checking system is totally web-based so there is no need of standing in long queues at it’s office’s.

Nowadays it is a common practice to check your current electricity bill online. You can easily see your bill on  this website and view the details of any unpaid amount that has accumulated over time as well as see when payment was due for last month’s consumption. In addition, you will also get an opportunity to download or print out copies so they are ready handy at all times!

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Mepco Bill online provides free access from its site where can see  their billing information such as total charges including taxes imposed on them by law/policy directives like KWs etc., recent transaction history (including date Of Supply & From Date), upcoming exchange rates adjustments before applying same against future bills; capacity factor (%) calculated thus

How to Check Mepco Bill Online

If you want to check the status of your online electric bill ,you can use  there  14 digit reference number. If it’s not on here or if its hard for you find them all then see this red area in picture below:

Step-1 Clicked on the red button below

Step-2 From Dropdown Select your Electric Supplier Company Name Mepco


Step-3 Enter Your 14 Digit Bill Reference Number

how to check mepco bill online

Area Under The Mepco Electric Company

MEPCO is the largest distribution company of PEPCO. It operates in 13 districts of south Punjab. MEPCO is the only distribution company that touches three provinces and five distribution companies in Pakistan (HESCO (Sindh) at Sadiqabad; PESCO (KPK) at Vahova; QESCO (Balochistan) at Fort Manro; FESCO at Bhakkar, and LESCO at Sahiwal).

What is Peak Hours

Mepco recommends that you use less electricity during peak hours. This will help to lessen your electric bill and also stabilize the region’s electricity supply. Here are the times when Mepco recommends this:

April to October  6:30 PM to 10:30 PM
November to March    6 PM to 10 PM

 Mepco Bill Email Service

If you want to know when your bills are due, you can sign up for email alerts. You will get an email every month with the bill and the due date. If you want to know when your bills are due, please sign up for this service and we will send you an email with your bill information each month before it is due.

Taxes in Multan Electric power company Bill

Following are the list of taex included in Electric bill by Multan Eletric Power Copmany

Fuel Adjustment Price(FAP)

“FPA” stands for Fuel Price Adjustment. The FPA price in your Mepco bill belongs to the fuel pricing of rental power companies that generate electricity from Crude Oil etc. You can see this amount in your bill when there are changes to fuel prices.

Each month, the fuel price changes and your power company will change the price on your bill. This is called an FPA. The FPA for mepco is related to fuel prices and how it’s made into electricity. You can see this number in your bill when there has been a change in fuel prices.

Cost of financing(FC)

FC means the cost of financing. Officials have decided to charge 43 paisa per unit in FC Surcharge, so that they can collect money for debt payments to the Power Holding Private Limited.

Deferred Amount:

This is the amount of money that you can choose to pay in the same month or later. If you don’t, there won’t be any charges for being late. The next bill might include this amount in installments or fully.

QTR Tariff Adj 

This is the amount that is adjusted every three months in your bill. You might see this on your bill.

Useful Information About Bill

1-Meter Number

Your meter number is a unique six digit code, which you can find on your FESCO , LESCO,MECPO bill or online. It’s important to keep track of this reference because it will help identify when there are any problems with power consumption and make sure that expenses stay within limits!

2-Reference Number

The reference number is a 14-digit unique code for every electrical channel and can be found on your utility bill.

reference mepco bill online

3-Important Dates

A meter reader will come to your house and take electric readings from the circuit on which you receive power. You can find this information in your bill:

Reading date, or  issue date (when they issued bills), due date (dates before which we charge late fees). The connection was set up when we came around with our technicians at some point during these four days–so make sure it’s accurate!

mepco bill online print

For Printing mepco bill online you just follow these simple steps

  • Click the print button
  • From drop down menu select mepco
  • Enter Your 14 digit meter reference mepco bill number

Benefits of Checking  Mepco Wapda Bill Online

It is convenient: The facility to check WAPDA MEPCO bills online eliminates the need for physically going out to them to look at your bill. You can use it from anywhere as long as you have a stable internet connection and a smartphone. You save time because it takes no time to get a duplicate of your lost bill. It is reliable because of the multi-layered security, so your information is safe from hacks and other cyber-attacks.

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