Examples of Main components of a computer and their function

Main Component of a Computer

In this blogpost you will learn What is computer? and its main components of a computer What is Computer Computer is an electronic machine that can process data and convert it into information.The process of converting data into information is called data processing. Birth of Modern (Digital )Computer The Atanasoff–Berry computer, or ABC, was the … Read more

How Modem is Worked. Its types and functionality

The term “modem” is an acronym for “Modulator-Demodulator.” It is a physical device that enables a computer or another device to connect to the Internet, such as a router or switch. In this tutorial, you will learn working of modem, their functionality, and its various types of modem you also like to read the client-server … Read more

Client Server Architecture model type and diagram


Client server architectures have significantly reduced application development time by distributing information exchange duties to both the client and server. The client request the service, whereas the server is the service provider. In the majority of client-server environments, the server processes the data and returns the results to the clients, which speeds up performance. For … Read more

What is Mainframe Computer its application function and types

example of mainframe computer

The word ‘MainFrame’ Computer portrays an image of a massive chamber filled with electronic components that houses a computer, referring to the original CPU cabinet of a mid-1960s computer.  Today, Mainframe refers to a class of ultra-reliable large and medium-scale servers designed for carrier-class and enterprise-class systems operations.  Due to the support for symmetric multiprocessing … Read more

Different Types of Printer and Their Functions & Uses

In this blog post we will discuss what is printer their most common types and how they are different from each other.
Printers are by far the most frequently used output devices.
printer is device that accepts documents, pictures, and other graphic data and prints them onto paper.
  • They are used to print documents on paper (output). 
  • The term “hardcopy” is also used to refer to printout. 
  • The output may consist of letters, symbols, or graphics.

Different Types of Printer Based on their Working

on the base working printer can be divided into different categories and below are the most common types of printer

Printer can be divided into two types

  • Impact Printer
  • Non-Impact Printer

What is Impact Printer? and how they work

Impact Printers

A printer that produces output on paper by striking a print hammer or set of pins against an inked ribbon is called an impact printer

It works like a typewriter. It uses an electro-mechanical technique to print output on the paper.

  • It can print characters and graphics on the paper.
  • Slower in printing and produce low-quality output.
  • Printing speed of these printers is measured in characters or lines per minute. They also produce more noise during printing.
  • However, impact printers are less expensive
  • Today impact printers are not commonly used
Types of Printer and their function

Example of Impact Printer

Dot Matrix, Daisy Wheel Printer and Line printer are common example

Character Printers(Impact Printer)

Character printer is one of the most common type of impact printer. Produced one character at a time

Printers that produce hardcopy by printing one character at a time are called character printers

In the past, character printers were very popular .They were commonly used with personal computers to print the information on paper

  • Today, they are rarely used
  • Dot Matrix Printer
  • It makes a hardcopy by printing one character at a time
  • Speed is measured by the number of characters it can print in one second
  • Printing speed 🡪 from 300 to 1100 characters per second (cps) or more

Dot Matrix Printer

Dot matrix printer is also the type of Impact printer and prodded output by striking on paper

A dot matrix printer contains a print-head with a matrix of small pins arranged in rows and columns (in the form of a matrix) Print-heads are available with 9, 18, or 24 pins.

  • Printout quality of these printers is not better
  • They also produce more noise while printing output

Daisy Wheel Printer

Its work like a typewriter. It has a print wheel with a series of petals This wheel is known as the daisy wheel

Each petal of the daisy wheel contains a character at its end

A motor rotates the wheel When the desired character reaches the print position on the paper, a hammer strikes a petal against the ribbon

  • Slower than the dot-matrix printer
  • However, its print quality is better than the dot matrix printer

Line Printers(Impact Printer)

Very fast printer It prints a complete line of characters at a time.

  • Printing speed is measured in lines per minute (lpm) which is up to 3000 lines per minute
  • Line printers are normally used with mainframe and minicomputers

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