Axie Infinity APK v1.2.6 Download For Android Free 2022

Axie Infinity APK is a decentralized game based on the Ethereum blockchain that simulates the raising and battling of digital pets called Axies. The game is designed to be a fun way to learn about blockchain technology. The popular game Axie Infinity Ultimo APK is on top nowadays and users want this app so we give it to you.

You can make money in a fun and unique way. Trading in cryptocurrencies has increased recently and this is related to these activities. Stay with us until the end if you want to know more.

Axie Infinity is a Pokémon-inspired universe where anyone can earn tokens by contributing to an efficient game and ecosystem. Players can fight, collect, breed, and build earthly empires for their pets. All of Axie’s art assets and genetic data are made available to third parties so that community developers can create their own tools and experiences in the Axie Infinity universe.

Axie Infinity APK Download

Although Axie is still in early availability, it ranks first among Ethereum games for daily, weekly, and monthly active users. To date, it has generated more than 13,000 ETH ($ 16 million). Although Axiee is a fun sport, its early success created a strong community and gaming opportunities, as well as features for social media and job boards.

The biggest difference between Axie and traditional games is that the economic design of the blockchain is used to reward our players for their contribution to the ecosystem.

This new game model was called “Play to Win”. Axie attracted thousands of players from developing countries looking for new sources of income during the Covid epidemic. Many of these players are also parents, aunts, and grandparents who have never used blockchain technology before!

More About Axie Infinity APK

There are many RPG and card games on the market today to choose from. There are still many players at the moment as they are still the most popular. The feature that lets you collect pets, upgrade them, and fight others makes these games so much fun.

Axie Infinity APK For Android LV-2022

It may seem like a simple mechanic, but they make these games so engaging. Anyway, if you’re interested in an original game these days, do not miss Axie Infinity!

A variety of things that you do in the game can earn you a cryptocurrency. Today is one of the first games in this genre. You can increase different aces here with different statistics and classes.

Here you can find different classes, such as bird, beast, aquatic, plant, etc. The classes can dominate each other, but they also have weaknesses, as in other games. Your Axies can be upgraded here through battles and rewards offered by the game. Adventure, Arena, and PVP Arena are here.

Axes can be grown here, PVP battles can be fought, drinks can be grown and more can be done for cryptocurrencies. Axis are monstrous creatures who love to fight, build and find treasures! Players can build a collection of axes and use them in the expanding gaming universe!

Axis uses the latest technology called blockchain to reward the participation of countless players.

Additional Information

Name Axie Infinity APK
Version v1.2.6
Category Action
Package Name
4.4 and up
Updated on 1 Month Ago
Developer Sky Mavis
Size 64.1 MB

Key Features of Axie Infinity APK

Now let’s see if Axie Infinity is how fruitful a game is. Without a doubt, you have all set criteria for the best games such as graphics, story, flexibility, game elements, etc. Let’s see what he has.

  • A digital platform for fighting, collecting, and winning.
  • More or less, more than 250,000 daily active players visit here.
  • The game’s creatures, Axies, are experts in combat and hunting.
  • Use them too to find secret treasures.
  • The axes are of a different character, strength,s and competence.
  • Raise old tables, raise new ones, and create them.
  • Thanks to PvP mode, play and win to become a legend.
  • Enjoy an adventurous and exciting journey.
  • Use AXS / SLP tokens to play and build the game.

Take a piece of land and create your kingdom.To try, download the original APK file of Axie Infinity for your Android operating system. It is an official platform with a partnership of major brands, such as Ubisoft, Samsung, etc. Users do not have to worry about its legitimacy.

Axie Infinity MOD APK Features

  • No Registration.
  • Subscription is not mandatory.
  • Free download.
  • You can choose between different slot games and card games by installing the app.
  • There are different categories of games.
  • Third-party ads are not permitted.
  • This game has an interface that is compatible with mobile devices.

Axie Infinity APK For Android

Game Players can earn by:

  • Participate in a PvP battle to get ranking rewards.
  • Ace rises and sells in the market.
  • Collect and guess rare axes like Mystic and Original.

To grow the love potion, necessary to grow axes. These can be sold on exchanges such as Uniswap and Binance.
From 2022, players can earn a control token, AXS, which represents the true part of the gaming universe as it has built-in control rights and commission sharing. Players can earn these tokens by playing, then an out-of-the-box single player mission is created where players can earn a share of the universe. However, these missions cannot be won and reward each player based on their commitment and skill.

Axie’s Purpose

Axie was created as a fun and educational way to expose blockchain technology to the public. Many of the founders met while playing Crypto Cats, and this was the first time they used Blockchain for anything other than pure speculation. They immediately started working on Axie to bring the wonders of Blockchain technology to billions of people.

How to Download and Install the App on Android?

Our website ensures its users to protect against any malicious viruses and trojans. it is a hub of apps/games that can be and cannot be found on google play or paid services. only download your favorite stuff from our website. below are given a few steps that can be helpful to download and install:

  1. Click the Download Button below to start downloading “Axie Infinity APK”.  After the download is complete, find your ”APK file” in the downloads folder of your device.
  2. Before installing the app, make sure to allow third-party apps on Android Device. for this purpose, Go to Menu> Settings> Security> and enable Unknown Sources. this will allow your phone to install apps of sources that are downloaded from other third parties rather than the google play store.
  3. Now go to the “Downloads” Section in your browser and click/tap the APK file you have downloaded a few moments earlier.
  4. Give the permissions to the appearing request and proceed with further installation steps.
  5. that’s it.

Congrats: you have been installed your desired “Axie Infinity APK” on your Android Smartphone/Tablet. you’re now free to use and enjoy this app. it has amazing features to play with.

Note: Free free to contact us regarding any problem while the installation process.

How To Update Axie Infinity on Android?

The game can be updated in different ways, so do not worry. Everything will be explained to you shortly. For all the latest updates, visit the app’s official website.

If you have already downloaded the game, you can update it. Open the Info menu in the game settings. You can check for updates by tapping the Info section and waiting a few seconds. It is also free to use.


  • It is very easy to use, even for beginners.
  • It has many good and useful features.
  • There is no limit to the use of the application.
  • It’s free to use.


  • Google does not always seem to control whether you download games from third-party sources. Consequently, it is harmful.
  • Your phone may be damaged or your data may be stolen if you download APK files that contain viruses.
  • Your games may not be updated automatically as they do not always have access to the Google Play Store.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How much does the new version of Axie Infinity APK cost?

Ans: The app is free and users will not be charged for using it on their phones or other devices.

Q. Can I update to the new version of Axie Infinity APK on my phone?

Ans: Automatic updates will not be available as the APK for the new version of Axie Infinity is developed by a third party. Therefore, you need to update the app manually by deleting the old version and installing the new one.

Q. Does the new version of the Axie Infinity app still work?

Ans: The app is very active, but sometimes you may experience server inaccessibility errors, delays, and buffering issues. Your phone may also have other alternative apps if it does not work.

Q. Is the new HD version of Axie Infinity safe?

Ans: Our antivirus software tools have not detected any malware in this APK, so it is completely safe to use.

Q. What is the risk of using this app?

Ans: So far, there are no complaints or legal issues. We will notify you if there are any risks associated with this app. Since most apps have legal issues, it is best to avoid them.

WHAT’S new in Axie Infinity APK?

  • All Bugs are Fixed.
  • New Features are Recently updated.
  • Virus and malware scanned/tested for all kinds of devices.
  • The latest and Old Versions are Provided.


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